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   Not long after Alex's death I began to sew. It was soothing for me and gave me something to focus on to get my mind off things. A year before Alex died my dad had died from cancer and I had asked my Mom to send me a couple of his shirts so I would always have a reminder of him. After Alex died and we moved the shirts were just packed away and not taken out often. One day while looking on the internet I saw "Memory Bears" they were so wonderful and a great idea to have one made from such sentimental items. I searched for an afforable bear but never found one within our budget. I decided then that I would just do it myself and that was when Heavenly Hugs Bears were born. I took one of my Dad's shirts and worked slowly to make the bear I was dreaming of. It came out pretty good for my first try. I then told a few friends about the bear and people started wanting me to make them bears from blankets and clothes that belonged to their babies lost to SIDS just like Alex. I accepted the challenge and the first Baby Bear I made was Zachary Bear. He belongs to Samantha Anna. I have made many bears since then, they are no longer all SIDS babies but now include cancer patients, homocide victims, heart patients and a very young, sweet victim of a drunk driving accident. A few of the bears are posted here in the Heavenly Hugs Album. Please take time to look at each one. They are all very special, not just to me but to their families as well.
    I am not taking new requests for bears at this time since I am working full time and Corey is in Iraq again. I feel that any free time I have should be spent with Christopher and Haleigh rather than buried under a long list of bears waiting to be made. I appreciate your understanding with having to wait until after we move. I will post again how to contact me for bears at that time. 

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