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Please visit this link to view a video Alex's big brother, Christopher, made in memory of him and won a trophy for his beautiful work.
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The Story of Our Angel, Alexander 
In December 2000 we found out that we were expecting our 3rd baby. He was due on August 27, 2001. My pregnancy started out perfect and things went downhill from there. I was on bedrest by 20 weeks with my cervix thinning and we had many ultrasounds to watch our baby. We learned that we would be having a baby boy but also learned that same day that I had partial placenta previa. Early in May when I was just 24 weeks I began preterm labor and was admitted to the hospital until the contractions stopped. After coming home it was just a few days before we had to go back. On May 27, 2001 I was laying on my bed and coughed just a little to clear my throat and at first I thought I had wet myself but then it hit me... My water had just broke. I was only 26 weeks and I knew it was way too early for our son. I went downstairs to tell my husband and had him get our children ready to go to the hospital. I had not even packed a bag yet but now it was too late. We called the hospital to tell them we were on our way and off we went. After they confirmed that my water had indeed broke they told me they had to transfer me to another hospital because their NICU was full and they would not be able to care for our son. I was scared and went by ambulance to UCSD Hospital in downtown San Diego. I was terrified but they were able to stop my contractions and I stayed in the hospital practically standing on my head for weeks. On June 8th my nurse came to tell me that since I had not had contractions for a few days I would be allowed to take a five minute shower so I could wash my hair. She set an egg timer and into the shower I went. I washed my hair and began to wash my body when I found something terribly wrong. I reached down to wash my private areas and there was my son's foot. I had just washed the foot of my unborn son. I called my nurse and it seemed to take forever for her to get to me. I was rushed into an emergency c-section and our son was born. He did not make a sound when he was born. I think I heard him squeak and then they intubated him and rushed by to the NICU. I begged them to let me see him and reluctantly they did. He was tiny and red and had a tube in his mouth and then they ran. I would not see him for 8 more hours. My blood pressure crashed and I spent a long time in recovery before they wheeled my bed into the NICU to see him. He was so small- just barely 3 pounds and almost 15 inches long. He had so many wires and tubes you could barely see him at all. Alex did great for being born so early. He was only on the ventilator for 12 hours and then he was breathing on his own. His biggest problem was tolerating his feedings which did not go well at all. He lost weight so fast and was 1 pound 12 ounces by time he was 10 days old. We were so scared but then he started growing. He began opening his eyes and looking at us once in a while and started to kick his legs occasionally. He spent 6 1/2 weeks in the NICU before we were able to bring him home. He came home on July 20, 2001 weighing 4 pounds 6 ounces and 17 inches long. On August 10, 2001 Alex had his first well baby check up. He was 2 months old and growing fast. He now weighed 6 pounds 11 ounces and he was 19 inches long. The doctor told us that day that Alex was in perfect health and she saw no problems with him getting his 2 month shots that day. I was concerned since he was not even due to be born yet but she assured me it was fine. He was given 5 shots that afternoon and we went home. My husband was away on a military exercise so it was just the kids and I and we just played and watched TV and and enjoyed each other and having Alex home. On Sunday, August 12, 2001, Alex and I tucked Christopher and Haleigh into their beds and went back downstairs for our time to just cuddle. He fell asleep in my arms before I could give him a bath or feed him so I decided to go change into my pajamas and brush my teeth before I woke him to be fed. I put him in his crib, in our room, he squirmed and peeked at me as I tip toed away and I told him to give me just a minute and I'll be right back. Less than 10 minutes later Alex died. I got to him immediately since he had an apnea monitor I knew right away that something was not right. I stimulated him and that did not work so I began CPR and dialed 911. My screaming woke Christopher and he went downstairs to let the paramedics and police into our house. They came and left with my baby but they never got him back. Just that fast our lives changed forever.  It took a 48 hour flight to get my husband home from Korea.

The days after Alex died are just a blur in my mind. I felt like I was in a nightmare and all I wanted was to wake up. We decide to take Alex to my hometown; Bastrop, Louisiana, for his funeral since we are military and move so often. The flight to Louisiana was like walking in a fog and then realizing where you are and not knowing how you got there. Family came from all over the country to attend Alex's funeral. Only one Grandma had seen him while he was alive so everyone else was saying hello and good bye all at the same time. On August 18, 2001 we had Alex's funeral at Trinity Assembly of God, the church that I had been raised in. I find it hard now to visit or even walk into the sanctuary. Alex's life touch so many people in such a short time. "

It has been many years since Our Angel got his wings and there has not been a day that we don't miss him and long to have him in our arms once more. Our children were forced to grow up fast that day and they lost an innocence that they will never again find. They know now that people die and it's not just the older people. They know that sometimes babies die and sometimes they die for no reason at all. Alexander's death was ruled as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Simply stated SIDS means that they have no idea why this perfectly healthy baby died.


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greatest gift from god   / Haleigh (big sis )
Dear Alex You were truly the greatest gift God ever gave us.Why he took you so soon is a question to the world.You were the best thing a family could ever have.You were much too young when you died and I wish that you had had the chance to live out ...  Continue >>
I can only imagine...   / Amber Sims
What a miracle he was and must have seemed since y'all went through so much. I'll be praying for your family and really for any family out there that has lost a baby. I think that it is the worst thing a family or we as mothers can go through. I'm ce...  Continue >>
what do you say?   / Amanda Adams (none)
I've always heard about SIDS, but have never read a story about it until yours. I am so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine going through that tragedy, but I must commend you for turning your experience into something that helps other families! KUDO...  Continue >>
Dear Alexand the Gill family   / Andrew Johnson ((Chris's Freshman friend) )
Dear Alex and Gill family, Even though I only knew you guy's since Freshman year in San Diego, you guy's seemed like a cool bunch of people.  When me and Chris had to do a project for our English class, I found out about Alex.  Chris ...  Continue >>
Angel Baby   / Evelyn Murphy (Angel Amber's mom )
Alex, you are truly an Angel!!! Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.  Please say "hi" to may Angel Baby ~ Amber.  I know you two have already met.
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